Doctor Consultation

Lets put you’re health first with a personalised experience from our private general practice that will be  delivered to you by your own individual personal doctor.

London Medical Testing will provide you with an excellent customer service and a highly trained team to meet your personal individual medical needs with care. 

Private GP London

Speak to your doctor about your results.

It would be very handy when you want an accurate view of how your results have evolved to get a expert doctor to talk you through your options.

Most queries can be solved via a video appointment, however, if our online Doctor needs to examine you in person they’ll direct you to our in-clinic for a second appointment. 

Genetic consultation for oncological risk.

When a hereditary predisposition to cancer is suspected, consultation is needed to evaluate personal and family history. It’s indication of genetic studies. Discussion of benefits and limitations of genetic tests. Discussion of the social, medical and psychological implications of a diagnosis.

Making an appointment is straightforward. To begin the booking procedure, click the “Book Now” button on the test page of your choosing. Following that, you will select your chosen clinic location, appointment day, and hour. Fill out your information, and then proceed to checkout to pay for your exam.
Depending on the type of test required, they can be finished in a variety of methods. Tests for Cancer and Allergy are also available in walk in clinic. These tests require a small blood sample from the finger prick, which is immediately analysed using a cutting-edge testing gadget to provide results while you wait. We also provide a number of at-home tests that you may perform by drawing a small amount of blood with a tiny lancet on your finger. can find out more about our online Doctor Consultation Service here.

Appointments are available at your convenience, from 8am to 8pm, 365 days a year.

Your results are presented in a format which should be easy to understand, however we know that sometimes it can be complicated or daunting to understand what they mean or what to do next.  Your Doctor will be able to read your results, so you can take them to an appointment to discuss them with your doctor.