Once you arrive at the clinic, we’ll use your passport to verify your identity and ensure that the information you have previously provided is accurate, as this will appear on your fit to fly certificate. We have strict COVID-19 measures in place to keep both our clients and colleagues safe, therefore we request that you wear a face mask or face covering to attend your test appointment and that you arrive at the exact time of your appointment. A trained healthcare professional will carry out the PCR COVID test by swabbing the back of the throat and one nostril. They will ensure that you are as comfortable as possible through the appointment, providing a stress-free experience. Once collected, your sample will be sent to a UKAS accredited laboratory for analysis.

The turnaround time of results will depend on the type of test you have chosen. Our Express fit to fly covid test will provide your results by 10 pm the following day, while our Ultrafast test provides results before 10 pm the same day the test was taken.

Your results will be delivered via email, within the timeframe provided by your chosen test. Your Fit to Fly certificate will be included in the email for you to print at home.

If your PCR test returns positive, you’ll be offered a Doctor consultation enabling you to ask any questions and address any concerns you may have. However, please note that London Medical Testing will not be liable for any losses, costs, or damages you may incur as a result of a positive, inconclusive, or late test result.

Our team is always available if you have any questions or concerns about testing or your results. Please note that it is a legal requirement of London Medical Testing as a provider of COVID-19 testing to share all test results, including positive ones, with Public Health England.

Entry requirements for each country are unique and constantly changing. Before booking your Fit to Fly covid test, please check the specific travel requirements of your destination and those of your travel provider.

Testing timeframe requirements can vary from 120 to 48 hours before travelling. We advise that you check the latest entry requirements for the country you are travelling to on the UK’s Government Foreign Travel Advice page.

  • Yes, London Medical Testing is a UKAS Accredited Clinic. All our private Fit to Fly PCR covid tests are analysed by UKAS accredited labs and assessed against internationally agreed standards.

The FCDO foreign travel advice provides information on entry requirements for your destination, including if the country you are travelling to requires you to have a negative COVID-19 test in order to enter their country.  There are different types of COVID-19 tests available and the reliability of results can vary depending on the type of test you take.  Before travelling, you should check:

  • if you need a negative COVID-19 test result to be able to enter the country you are travelling to
  • what kind of test will be accepted by the country you are travelling to
  • how soon before travel the test should be taken

COVID-19 testing for the purposes of international travel is not available on the NHS. Testing for this reason is only available through private providers who must have self-declared that they meet the UK Government’s minimum standards for the type of commercial COVID-19 testing service they offer. 

If you need to travel internationally for work and require evidence of a test, you should speak to your employer or occupational health adviser.

This depends on the entry requirements of the country or territory you want to travel to, as each country’s definition of a ‘full course’ alternatively known as ‘fully vaccinated’, may be different.

  • Always check the country ‘Entry Requirements’ section of the FCDO foreign travel advicepages to find out what a country will accept as fully vaccinated.

Be aware that some countries are requesting evidence that you completed your COVID-19 vaccine course at least 14 days before arriving in their country. They may also require evidence of a booster dose depending on how long ago you completed your COVID-19 vaccine course.

How you can get proof of your vaccination status varies on where you live. If you are in:

Make sure you check that the name on your proof of vaccination certificate matches the name on your passport.  Advice on how to amend incorrect details varies depending on whether you are in ScotlandEnglandWales or Northern Ireland.

If you have not been fully vaccinated, you need to follow the entry requirements of the country you are travelling to. Entry requirements requested by other countries may include:

  • requiring a negative COVID-19 test result before you depart from the UK
  • requiring you to undertake a period of quarantine upon your arrival to that country

You should carefully research the entry requirements of your destination country before travelling in the FCDO foreign travel advice pages.

Each country has different requirements, and these are often dependent on the age of the child. Always check the entry requirements for the country you’re visiting.